Rookie Leaders Podcast

Rookie Leaders Podcast

Hosted by: Michael Tanner

Welcome to the Rookie Leaders Podcast. The podcast of veteran leaders offering leadership lessons to newbies. Whether you’re brand new to leadership or expanding your leadership responsibilities, this podcast will...

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055 – Marine Corps Leadership Trait: Integrity

Episode #55

Integrity is a basic concept that most leaders believe they understand. However, the leadership trait of integrity is bigger than the idea of honesty. Integrity for the effective leader also consists of soundness in...
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054 - Know Your People with Earl Breon

Episode #54

This episode is a fun interview with Earl Breon of The Leadership Phalanx. It's so fun because we are just two Marines nerding out on leadership. You'll learn a lot about knowing your people and treating them well -...
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053 – Marine Corps Leadership Trait: Tact

Episode #53

Tact is often the missing trait when a leader can't seem to work with others in a manner that maintains good relations. Honest, even direct, communication must be delivered with tact.
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052 – Marine Corps Leadership Trait: Decisiveness

Episode #52

Leadership requires the making of lots of decisions, therefore, decisiveness is crucial to the success of a leader. There is significant pressure and fear associated with making big decisions. An effective leader must...
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051 – Marine Corps Leadership Trait: Initiative

Episode #51

Taking initiative is often the first real struggle for a new leader. Uncertainty and fear can paralyze a young leader, causing them to avoid a decision or needed action. However, few traits differentiate a great...
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050 - Marine Corps Leadership Trait: Dependability

Episode #50

The dictionary defines dependability as the quality of being able to be relied upon. The Marine Corps includes dependability in its 14 leadership traits, and for good reason.
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049 - Marine Corps Leadership Trait: Judgment

Episode #49

Judgment is defined by the Marine Corps manual as the ability to weigh facts and possible courses of action in order to make sound decisions. Sound decisions are critical to leadership. In today’s podcast, we’ll dive...
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048 - ATV Leadership With Todd Palmer

Episode #48

Todd Palmer, of Extraordinary Advisors, joins us today to explain ATV leadership. ATV is the acronym Todd uses to teach three crucial components of great leadership. You don't want to miss this episode of the podcast.
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047 - Marine Corps Leadership Trait: Justice

Episode #47

Justice is defined by the Marine Corps as giving reward and punishment according to the merits of the case in question. The ability to administer a system of rewards and punishments impartially and consistently. In...
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046 - Marine Corps' 14 Leadership Traits

Episode #46

I first learned these 14 leadership traits while in boot camp on Parris Island. They served me well in the Marine Corps and they've continued to serve me well in my corporate career. In today's podcast episode, I'll...
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045 - Insecurities Of Taking Action As A Leader

Episode #45

Leadership can be intimidating, but never more so than when you have to take action as a leader. Insecurities plaque every leader and prevent us from taking necessary action at times. In today's podcast episode, I'll...
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044 - Giving and Receiving Feedback

Episode #44

Giving and receiving feedback is a critical skill for effective leadership. Throw out all the tips and tactics you've learned in the past. In today's podcast, Céline Williams unloads a ton of wisdom on the subject of...
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